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Jenna Rae Tooley is a film director, production designer, and fine artist from San Fransisco, California. Tooley comes from a background in fine arts, first studying painting abroad in Italy through the Spoleto Study Abroad program, and then in the states at Savannah College of Art and Design where she received her BFA. Tooley is an award winning representational oil painter who has exhibited her work across the states and abroad in galleries and museums. Tooley first wondered out of the fine arts world and into the film industry during her time at SCAD, where she worked on numerous film projects in the art department, and become enamored with the art of film design. Since her introduction into the film industry, Tooley (functioning mainly as a production designer) has worked on various award winning short films, music videos, national commercials, and feature films, and has written and directed two short films of her own. Pursing both a production design and painting career, Tooley believes that being an artist of multiple disciplines is her greatest asset and allows her to work with great depth and innovation. 


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