American 11

Shot September 2019

DIR: Shayain Lakhani

DP: Kai Dickson

Executive Producer: Darren Dean

Production Designer: Jenna Rae Tooley

Art Director- Laila Ibriham

Art Director/Set Decorator- Daphne Colson


American 11 is a coming of age story that takes place in 2001 as it follows Nabeel; an 18 year old Muslim American teenager who lost his mother to the 9/11 attack (American Airlines ight 11).

He will now need to find his identity navigating the grief brought by 9/11 and the Islamaphobia brought by the misinformed.

American 11 is currently on its festival run.



Set photos (Design work below)

BTS: Ty Dowda & Erik Pham

The Mosque 

The dining room

The living room

The gas station

The school

Color Boards

Initial Full Color Breakdown

Set Design Drawings

Living room concept drawing by Jenna Rae Tooley

Dining room concept drawing by Jenna Rae Tooley

Stained glass window concept drawing by Jenna Rae Tooley

Color/Research Boards