Recent news: Jenna Rae Tooley has just been awarded a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for painting for the year 2020

Jenna Rae Tooley exhibited her first solo show Green Flowers Purple Frogs on February 29th, 2020. 

Press release:

Curated by Leia Genis,

After Love is a group exhibition featuring the work of 3 local artists: Jenna Tooley, Emily Harrison, and Christian Guiterrez. Personal experience is a perpetual part of human existence that manifests itself with great breadth from person to person. These experiences may stay within the person as emotions and become a part of their character. They may be widely expressed to others in search of catharsis. Or they may be released into other tasks for the sake of production. These artists all take as their subject matter the emotions of love, loss, self-doubt, sadness, and melancholy and embrace them through the production of art. Medias such as painting, photography, video, felting, embroidery and installation will be used both as confessionals of personal experiences as well as a bridge to connect to others. This show will be a presentation of these works but also a common space in which everyone will be free to contend with these same emotions.

Show date: March 9th 2018