Opening reception: February 29th, 2020

The title Green Flowers Purple Frogs was created to symbolize the essence Tooley’s work. It is a collection. As her work serves to collect and record moments and feelings from her life, the title serves to collect a feeling deeply rooted in Tooley’s identity. Green. Flowers. Purple. Frogs. A collection of objects, or ideas that tug and pull at Tooley’s memories of her youth. The color green, her long time favorite color. Flowers, the bell flowers that flourished on the edge of her pre-school playground. Purple, the color of those bell flowers, and of her favorite frog sweater. Frogs, her favorite pets, her little buddies, and an obsession that has found its way sneaking back into her life. Describing her work as Narrative representations of her adolescence, Tooley’s work is an investigation into the environments and experiences that forged her perception of the world and of herself.



Green Flowers Purple Frogs press realease.

Jenna Rae Tooley is an Elizabeth Greensheilds Foundation Grantee, and would like to thank the foundation for their financial support



This area of the gallery contained most of my oil paintings. Most completed within the last two years.

Green Flowers Purple Frogs, 30x40, oil paint, Tooley 2020

Narrative series

Studies 1-6, 11x16 (each), oil paint, Tooley 2019

71, 30x40, oil paint, Tooley 2020


Rejuvenation, 24x30, oil paint, Tooley 2015


For the past few years I have been collecting moments from my life. Drawing them out with crayon in a little book I carry around, whenever these visuals pop into my head. I scanned and printed out all 80 of the moments I have documented so far and hung them between two walls. I'd like to think when I'm 80 I will have a hundred or so of these memory books, filled to the brim with moments from my life. Obsessively collecting memories is a full time job.


The original scans of each moment in time


Pages from the actual memory book, before scanned


A collection of writings, photographs, and drawings centered around the tiny wood cabins nestled on the windy cliffside of Northern California. A special place for my family and I. One I have called home for my entire life.

The small table contained my memory book, gallery/business cards, and a photo album I put together of photos my mother took of me and my brothers growing up at the cabins

A memory

A photo by my mother of cabin #7, sometime in summer 15 years ago

A photo by me of cabin #7, sometime in December of last year

A painted photo of that memory

A story I heard 15 years ago, written this year

The photo album



An excerpt from my press release

As a fine artist, as well as a writer, film director, and production designer, Tooley’s work spans several medias, yet the core of all her work is synonymous and deeply personal. Based out of San Fransisco, California, where she was born and raised, Tooley has been oil painting since she was seven. When she was 18 she studied painting abroad in Italy, before moving to Savannah, Georgia, to pursue her BFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. Tooley then spent the majority of her college years branching out from the boundaries she set for herself as an artist, specifically battling the part of her that identified herself as exclusively a painter. Although set to receive her BFA in painting, (with a minor in drawing), from the Savannah College of Art and Design in March of 2020, Tooley values her experience working on student films, as well as professional sets, as an extended form of education. She considers herself as much a film student as a fine arts student, and set new boundaries for herself as an artist, those boundaries being, none. No limitations.

I wanted my exhibition to showcase everything I am as an artist. A painter. A writer. A director. A production designer. I thought there was no better way than projecting the film I wrote/designed/directed Fuzzite Fighters inside of a giant blanket fort, in the same building that housed my paintings and drawings.

The outside

The inside

Costumes from the film on display

A wild Fuzzite roaming around the gallery

A gallery of production design work I have created on various films

Various props from various films

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