Jenna Rae Tooley is a production designer and fine artist based in Los Angeles & New York City.

Tooley started her artistic career in the fine arts world, picking up oil painting at a young age, and showcasing her work across the US and abroad. Her formal education began in Italy where she studied traditional painting, and then in the states, at Savannah College of Art and Design where she received her BFA, also in painting. 

Tooley comes from an film-centric family, her father a visual effects artist, and mother a production manager. Yet it never dawned on her to explore the world of filmmaking until she walked onto her first film set in college. She fell in love with the craft of filmmaking instantly. The ingenuity, and imaginative nature of production design sparked a fire in her that she cannot put out. Tooley has been a story teller in one medium or another her entire life, but feels film has a unique way of conveying narratives and capturing the human experience. And production design specifically is an art that not only replicates the stories woven within the details of the our world, but fabricated new ones. Which she finds incredibly exciting.




WILDER THAN HER, Production Designer, Bombo Entertainment

THE DEATH THAT AWAITS, Production Designer, 5IVE BY 5IVE

HOW TO RUIN THE HOLIDAYS, Production Designer, Dads Garage Theater Company

NEW ME, Production Designer, Lions Roar Productions

PAN AMERICAN, Production Designer, Burton Pictures

HOLY IRRESISTIBLE, Production Designer, Iris Indie International


PROMETHEAN AP9, Production Designer, Casual Films/Promethean

ONJUNO, Production Designer, Admilk/OnJuno

CHOOSE HAPPY, Production Designer, Coca-Cola/Refreshing Films


EMMETT, Production Designer, AWA Studios

SIMULACRA, Production Designer, ONE10 Productions


Hillman Grad/271 Films/Indeed

Premiere Tribeca 2022

GOOD KOREANS, Production Designer, Uptown Studios

FUZZITE FIGHTERS, Production Designer

THE FRAY, Production Designer, Uptown Studios

DEN TYSTA, Production Designer, Uptown Studios


I CANT HATE MYSELF, Production Designer, Angelo Mota, Admilk

MUSTANG, Production Designer, Topi Mandela