Jenna Rae Tooley is a production designer, and fine artist from San Fransisco, California. Tooley started her career in film designing award winning short films, music videos, and national commercials. She found her stride in feature films however, finding the longer format to spark her passion is a way that continually inspires her. 

Tooley comes from a background in fine arts, first studying painting abroad in Italy through the Spoleto Study Abroad program, and then in the states at Savannah College of Art and Design where she received her BFA. Tooley is also an award/grant winning representational oil painter who has exhibited her work across the states and abroad in galleries and museums, and has been featured by several magazines including the San Fransisco Magazine and Juxtapoz. She was also awarded a grant in 2019 from the Elizabeth Greensheilds Foundation for representational painting, which is widely known as one of the most prestigious grants for emerging artists to be awarded.

Pursing both a career in production design for film & television, and career as a painter in the fine art world, Tooley believes that being an artist of multiple disciplines is her greatest asset and allows her to work with great depth and innovation. 

Film Work



Music Video

Angelo Mota "I Can't Hate Myself" ADMILK (2020) Production Designer

Topi Mandela "Mustang" Das Haus Productions LLC (2017) Production Designer


"The Death That Awaits"  5IVE BY 5IVE STUDIOS LLC (2022) Production Designer

"How To Ruin The Holidays"  Dad's Garage Theater Company (2021) Production Designer

"New Me"  Lions Roar Productions (2021) Production Designer

"Pan American"  Burton Productions LLC (2021) Production Designer

"OnJuno-Make the Switch" ADMILK (2020) Production Designer

"Choose Happy" Coca-Cola Regal Films (2019) Production Designer

"Promethean AP9" Casual Films (2022) Production Designer

"Lighthouse Keeping" Tungsten Originals (2021) Production Designer

"The Woman From the Garden" Jenna Rae Tooley (2021) Director/Producer/Production Designer

"Good Koreans" Pham Gia Quy (2020) Production Designer

"Intern" Rooster Teeth Productions (2019) Production Designer

"Fuzzite Fighters" Jenna Rae Tooley (2018) Director/Production Designer

"The Fray" Uptown Studios (2018) Production Designer

"American 11" (2019) Production Designer

"The Filling" Julia Corin (2019) Production Designer

"Den Tysta" Kai Dickson (2019) Production Designer

"Odyssey: A Star Wars Story" MAV Films, LLC (2018) Costume Designer

"Jackie" Sam Carter (2019) Production Designer

"Cut" Ryan Magennis (2019) Production Designer

"The Raft" Justin Fernandes (2019) Production Designer

"Kill those who Catcall" Nikole Pryor (2018) Production Designer

"Mute" Dalton Thorvilson (2018) Costume Designer

"Pizzaman" Kai Dickson (2017) Production Designer

"Crooked Trees Gon Give Me Wings" Hillman Grad/271 Films/Indeed(2022) Production Designer

"Holy Irresistible" LocalCinema Studios (2021) Production Designer

"Nesting Dolls" Das Haus Productions LLC (2017) Art Director, Concept Artist

"Novel Love" Sunshine Films (2021) Costume Assistant

"Christmas In Pine Valley" Sunshine Films (2021) Set Dresser

"EMMETT" AWA Studios (2022) Production Designer

"SAGE" Skylar Piela (2022) Production Designer

"Simulacra" Hunter Melrose (2022) Production Designer